Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And so it begins

Welcome to the AME Marketing blog site!

AME Marketing is Ayrshire's longest running full-service marketing consultancy. In 2006, we turned 21!

Over the past two decades, we've helped more than 1,500 clients to adopt marketing principles. Those clients have learned how to better compete and grow. They've entered new markets and launched new products. Most importantly, they've maximised profits by satisfying customer needs and building customer relationships.

Our longevity is down to knowing the needs of our own target markets better than most. We know there is a need for highly tailored marketing assistance that is of very high quality and, most importantly, is affordable, credible and offers great value.

This unflinching demand was our motivation to introduce the European funded 'À La Carte Marketing Programme', which allows SMEs in Ayrshire's Objective 2 areas to slash as much as 50% from our ordinary rates. The programme is drawing to a close, but there's still money to be spent. If you're interested in saving up to half of your marketing budget, the best time to contact us is right now.

Demand for different types of services has also meant that our skills set has grown. For example, we have proven ourselves capable of complex long-term project management, having managed the delivery of all Investors in People activities in Ayrshire since 2002.

The latest addition to our portfolio of services is training provision. We're about to launch a comprehensive array of learning opportunities which you can access for the greater good of your team and your business. It runs the gamut of marketing and people training activities, from marketing planning, copywriting and research to leadership and management skills, appraisal skills and much more.

Alas, the truth is that most small businesses remain uninformed about what marketing is, why it is important and how it can help them achieve their goals. This is bad news and it makes us unhappy!

With that in mind, AME Marketing is campaigning for increased marketing awareness across the board. Quite frankly, we want you to share our faith in what marketing can do! In order for you to believe, here we will do our level best to tell you what some of our competitors dare not - the truth about marketing and how it can help you in a no-nonsense format that makes it easy for you to get the ball rolling on your own marketing activities.

We hope you enjoy what's coming up and we look forward to getting your comments and feedback on what you read here.



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