Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just Try It Out #2: Follow-up Telesales Calls

In part two of our series of marketing tips, we look at an area that can often give marketing DIY enthusiasts a bit of a headache - making those necessary follow-up telesales calls.

Be warm!
Naturally, prospective customers are much more receptive to "warm" calls than cold. Precede your telephone campaign with a direct marketing postal mailshot to up-to-date named contacts.

Smile and stay calm!
There's really nothing to be nervous about! Try to smile as you speak confidently and clearly, at an even pace.

Don't be 'phoney'!
Be genuine and steer clear of expressing what could be perceived as spurious sentiments. Be as natural, professional and honest as you can.

Cut to the chase!
Don't beat about the bush. Your prospective customer will prefer it if you divulge the real reason behind your call early in the conversation. If the customer is not interested, you won't have wasted time unnecessarily with idle chit-chat.

Call back on time!
If someone tells you that the call is inconvenient (without being dismissive) politely offer to call back at a more agreeable time. If a time is given, make sure the action is followed through as agreed.

Don't take rejection personally!
Telephone campaigns inevitably lead to some rejection. Don't take it to heart! Most prospects will object to the product or service on offer, rather than who is offering it.

Take complaints seriously!
If anyone gives a firm objection to being telephoned, act on it straight away. Apologise for the inconvenience and reassure them that their details will be removed from future sales activity.

Don't give up!
Even if one telephone campaign does not work as well as you'd hoped, don't get too despondent. Practice makes perfect so keep trying!

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