Monday, September 25, 2006

All the signs tell us... need a marketing plan.

A marketing plan is perhaps the most important, yet most overlooked growth tool that a business can utilise. It is crucial to all business types, of all shapes and sizes, operating in all sectors.

The truth is that a lot of marketing campaigns fail because they are ill-conceived, are not very well developed or are executed in a completely haphazard fashion. A marketing plan helps to avoid this from the outset by having you invest your time, money and energy only in pre-determined marketing activities that you know will bring about the returns that you need.

In other words, it brings a resolute order to blind business chaos. It brings clarity to your marketing activities where there was once a haze. It makes your efforts more focused, deliberate and successful!

The good news is that AME Marketing is currently offering companies in Ayrshire the chance to join the 'Plan Your Course' Marketing Training Programme. It's a heavily subsidised marketing training initiative, which culminates in each delegate producing a strategic marketing plan for his or her business. Companies also benefit from five days of consultancy time with their own dedicated marketing coach.

The programme includes the following workshops:
Introduction & Carrying out a Marketing Audit (½ day)
Market Research and Information (full day)
Objectives, Segmentation & Targeting, Positioning, Strategy (full day)
The Marketing Mix (full day)
Setting Budgets & Allocating Resources (½ day)
Roundup & Graduation (full day)

Companies in eligible areas of Ayrshire can take part in the programme for as little as £600 (plus a VAT payment). To find out if you are eligible, call us on 01292 678920.



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