Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Glasgow 2014

The final phase of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Bid web site went live this month. The previous site was intended to offer information about the bid, but its prime objective was to foster support from people around Scotland for the bid. Having now reached around 1¾ million supporters, that objective has certainly been met. The new site's main objective is now to communicate more information about the bid itself and provides more technical information about venues and logistics. But you can still add your support to the bid, of course.

I really hope that Glasgow manages to get the Games in 2014, and obviously I'm not alone. The decision will be made in Sri Lanka on 9th November 2007 and there will be lots of people throughout Scotland crossing their fingers on that day.

For those of you who have never been to Glasgow, it's a wonderful city, full of culture and things to do, whatever your preferences. For those of you who have possibly been and did not like it, give it another try – the sun does shine sometimes and the more you look, the more you'll find to do while you're there. And for those of you who have been and love it as much as we do, please go and show your support for the bid, if you haven't done so already.

My only worry would be that with London having been awarded the Olympic Games for 2012 it may lessen our chances of securing the Commonwealth Games a little, but I hope it doesn't. Scotland has its own, unique identity, quite separate from England and London itself, as does Glasgow. The new 'Glasgow: Scotland with style' reflects the city's cosmopolitan feel nowadays, but the old strapline still holds true as well, 'Glasgow’s miles better.' It's a friendly and welcoming city and takes influence not only from its own people but from other countries and cultures also.

Have a look at the new website
here, and lend your support to the bid. Apart from the positive impact it will have during the games, the creation of the athletes’ village will regenerate Dalmarnock in the East End of Glasgow, with the houses being made available for sale or socially rented housing afterwards. Having staged over sixty international events in the city over the last ten years, Glasgow has shown it has the capability for holding large events. The inhabitants just need to show that we have passion too – which we have done already, but the more support the better.

And, you'll find the branding isn't just aimed at children, but adults as well, so you will be in no danger of having an epileptic fit when you go to show your support.

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