Friday, October 05, 2007


I feel a bit of déjà-vu in this post as this time last year I had just spoken about the Sony Bravia ad after I had spoken about the Dove ad the post before. And here I am at it again.

The new Sony Bravia ‘Colour Like No Other’ advert finally launches tonight on Channel 4 during Ugly Betty. Having been hyped for months now and teasers being released along the way, does it live up to the hype? Erm...

I never expected it to be as good as the first, I don’t think anyone did. And I’d say it’s at least on a par with the last spot (although that one scored extra points in my book for being filmed in Glasgow). I’m probably with quite a few other bloggers who are most fascinated by the actual making of the ad – 100, 000 still images were used to make the ad – rather than the actual ad itself.

I do like the ad though, to a point. The bunnies are great, the music is great, the people in the background are great, but what’s with the wave and then the cubes? It’s a bit like two concepts pushed into the same ad. Why?

See what you think.



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