Thursday, December 20, 2007

Whopper Freakout

Found over on Angus Whines – ‘Whopper Freakout’ - the day they took the Whopper away.

And what happens when a company takes away the product that they are famous for? Well, absolute disbelief, shock, confusion, sadness, anger even. Listening to the customers, many had been eating Whoppers for years, recalling driving from other towns to find one when they didn’t have a Burger King in their own town, growing up with the burger, even measuring their arrival to manhood when they could finally finish a whole sandwich.

Quote of the Video has to be that without the Whopper, it may as well be called ‘Burger Queen’ – classic!

No doubt they managed to show how well-loved the sandwich was/is in the town where they filmed anyway and I reckon the effect would have been the same in the majority of Burger King restaurants around the world. So another well done for Burger King who’s creative ideas just seem to keep coming this year, what with the computer games they launched earlier this year also.

Just wondering where’s left for them to go next year?



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