Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Try It Out #1: Press Releases

The 'Just Try It Out!' column in our quarterly marketing bulletin On Target has been so well received we thought we'd publish them on our blog!

In the spirit of "you never know until you try", each article will try to inspire you to take up a little marketing DIY.

This time, we give you some pointers when writing a press release to get some free publicity!

1. Research suitable press and find contact details of the appropriate editor from web sites and directories. Always mark your press release for his or her attention.

2. Get writing! Be creative (inventive but honest!) and remember that your story must be newsworthy and of genuine human, local or trade interest.

3. It's always better to keep your release short but sweet. One side of A4 or approximately 200-300 words is about right.

4. Think of a short, catchy headline for your press release. This should get your news story noticed by the editor.

5. Tell your story in an initial short paragraph and then use the rest of the article to elaborate.

6. Get personal! Include personal quotes and add your own contact details. Have a few photographs ready for inclusion.

7. Remember to give details of when you want the story to go public.

There you have it! Have fun telling the world what's going on in your business and enjoy the free exposure that your efforts might generate. If your story isn't printed first time, don't get too downhearted and, most importantly, keep trying!

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