Friday, March 16, 2007

Some more on inspiration

After my post on inspiration yesterday, I was reminded of one truly inspirational figure that I found a couple of weeks ago, again through Seb’s blog. This person has no relation to marketing whatsoever, but certainly makes me smile. The figure in question is Olive Riley, a 107 year-old from Australia who has begun her own blog, The Life of Riley. It’s typed by a friend of hers, Mike.

In the blog Olive talks about her life, both past and present and even takes up the plight of one of her fellow Australians who is fighting against the courts to keep his lettuce crop. At 107 I can only imagine the truly amazing things she has seen throughout her lifetime. And judging by her spirit and energy, the amazing experiences she is still to have.

Unquestionably she is an inspiration. Going by the response on her blog, I’m certainly not the only one to think so either. Here’s to you and your Shandies Olive!



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