Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Free and low cost methods of promotion

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, so we thought we’d use this post to give you some ideas of how you can carry out some free promotion for your company.

  • Be your own publicity and sales promotions writer
    Submit press releases and editorials to publications read by your target audience. Include a good photograph and always, always follow it up with a phone call.

  • Make your efforts work twice or even three times as hard
    When any of your press releases or editorials are published, add them to your information pack and send to clients, colleagues and prospects in your target market. If you have a blog or a news section on your website you can also add them here. When reprinting the articles, include a note saying ‘Recently seen in…’

  • Be a guest speaker at a local business or community group meeting, or even on radio or TV talk shows
    Contact organisers or producers and emphasise how your product/service would be of interest or benefit to the audience. Should you get the opportunity to speak, you may even be lucky enough to secure a regular appearance or a fee for your efforts.

  • Put flyers on all free notice boards and outlets read and visited by your target audience(s)
    Even handing out flyers or brochures to passers by and business attendees can prove effective.

  • Register your business on as many appropriate web directories as you can find
    If possible, also provide a link to your own website to allow prospects to find you easily.

  • Check all outgoing communication to make sure you’re using it’s promotional capabilities to full advantage
    Set up a footer on your computer’s letter template for new letters, faxes, bill payments and receipts. Use the footer to promote your product/service offering. Make sure that your e-mail also has a signature providing all your contact information and a promotional tagline.

  • Run a competition
    This is not strictly free, as it will cost you the price of a prize. However, running a competition allows you to collect the contact details of entrants which can then be used in future mailings. When the winner is announced it will also allow you to gain further publicity.

  • Use reciprocal marketing
    Again, not entirely free, yet running promotions with complimentary businesses or sharing costs such as advertising, databases or research will allow you to get half of your marketing for free, or, allow you to ‘run one, have one run free’

These are only a few examples of what is possible. So let loose your imagination and start thinking how you can improve your marketing for absolutely nothing!



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