Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just what we need in Scotland

A new product caught my eye this week while I was reading the Marketing blog – The Sun Shower from Sentavi. We’re all familiar with the ordinary shower, but this one lets you tan while you shower. Just what we need living in a country like Scotland I think!

Apparently, “With this product, Sentavi brings all the goodness of the sun into your bathroom. This exclusive system allows you to tan while taking a shower. Your bath time ritual becomes a delightful experience of water and light, giving you the feeling of freshness and warmth. Sunshower brings beauty, relaxation and harmony of body and mind. Looking great with a minimum of effort! The Sunshower offers a sensible way of tanning, so that a healthy tan can become part of your daily beauty routine and it will stimulate the production of vitamin D.”

I do wonder however how even your tan will be when you are lathering soap over yourself, and indeed, what products would be safe to use in this shower. Will you need to wear those black goggles every time you go in the shower? How much electricity will this thing use? Is it actually safe to tan every day?

It seems that almost every new product that comes out nowadays is trying to combine more than one function. Your mobile phone is expected to do more than just make and receive calls, it has to take pictures, play music, and even let you watch the TV. Your games console doesn’t just play games; it also plays CDs and DVDs. So now, someone somewhere has decided that those of us who want a healthy glow shouldn’t have to slather on fake tan after a shower or take time to go to the sunbeds. God forbid we have to conduct one activity at a time. There just simply isn’t time in all our manic lives.

I’m unsure if this is one such time saving device that will take off. But, time will tell. Given that our fair country is normally devoid of sunshine for around 11 and ½ months of the year, this could be the answer that all us pasty-faced Scots are looking for. Yet, given the amount of rain in this country and the threat of global warming, perhaps we won’t have to buy such a product, the earth will provide it in a matter of years.

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