Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So the clocks went forward once again at the weekend. I am always grateful that this happens on a Sunday, yet at the same time it doesn’t stop you from feeling cheated out of that hour (even if you do get it back later in the year). But then, on Monday I saw something which made me thankful that the clocks had gone forward and spring has now come – a Cherry Blossom tree.

In Japan 'The short period when the delicate pink flowers bloom is keenly awaited and the flowers are said to signify that life is short and should be enjoyed, so many towns and firms plan festivals and parties to mark the season.' I found this information on my brother’s Bebo page (sorry for the blatant stealing Paul!). I’m not sure where he found it from, but I thought that it was such a lovely expression of the joy that spring and nature brings into people’s lives. Somehow when the flowers have bloomed and the sun is shining it makes everyone so much happier, contented and positive.

In our old house we grew up in we had a huge cherry blossom tree at the font of the house. Every year it would bloom and then its petals would fall over the garden and our street. It was such a beautiful sight and the image will forever stick in my memory. If there is one thing that I miss from that house it’s our old tree.

After spotting the tree yesterday I had a discussion with my friend who grew up four doors along about the tree and memories of the old street, I was surprised and heartened to go on my brothers page and find that he too had been reminded of the old tree in some way and had decided to write about it.

And that’s exactly why I love the social sites and blogs which over the past couple of years have become a part of everyday life for so many people, including myself. It’s nice to be reminded of things, to be inspired or to learn something new and find pleasure in it on your own. But I think it’s even nicer when you’ve been thinking about something or just discovered something new and then you find that someone else has recently had the same thought / revelation. Being able to share your experiences and thoughts is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I also particularly like quotes. And the reason why, apart from their inspirational value, is that (and I’m sure I also read this in a quote) it is nice to see someone have the same thoughts as yourself but see it expressed much more eloquently. This is something I also find with other people’s blogs.

So long live blogs and long live nature. Which survives longer is up for debate I suppose.



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