Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bonny Scotland

I’ve been off on holiday for a little while there. First I had a few days of doing not very much which was nice, then back for a few days, then last week I was off on a road trip up the north of Scotland, which was more than nice, then it was Easter, and now, back to the grind.

Although it’s not very marketing related, I wanted to share a few pictures from my trip. VisitScotland always show the rolling green hills of the highlands in their literature and print advertising, but until last week I did not realise how varied the landscape of my own country was. As I have mentioned before (I think), embarrassingly I have seen a lot more of other countries than I have of my own. I went a little way to put that right last week and plan to see more over the next few years. But, unsurprisingly it took some friends who were not from Scotland to entice me to go explore it.

But, I digress. There was of course plenty of green, but there was also plenty of brown, some beautiful beaches with near-white sand and at many points we could not turn a corner without being confronted with spectacular views and gasping. I’ve yet to get the best pictures off my friend, so you will have to make do with my pictures.

But, I’ll do a bit of plugging for Scotland now; I’d highly recommend a trip around Scotland. The central belt has a lot to offer, but it’s nowhere near as spectacular as the north when it comes to scenery (I’ll plug Glasgow another day).

People often say that Scotland would be paradise if it were in a sunnier climate. We were lucky enough to get sunshine (but not the warmth) on our travels, but we also got a little rain. If you ask me, it wouldn’t have been the same without a bit of rain. That’s all part of our charm. Along with our lovely inhabitants of course!
On the first night we couldn’t find anywhere to stay, we hadn’t planned too far in advance, and one B&B owner we phoned was so helpful that he gave us some other numbers to try and his name to drop when we did so, and, asked us to phone back if we had no luck and he would find other places for us to try. Sometimes I love my country.

So, come on, visit Scotland! If I haven’t convinced you, maybe some more of my photos will.

What you probably expect to see

What you might not

The beautiful Dunrobin Castle

The coast near Wick


Sunny skies

The view out Ardvreck Castle

The Sunderland landscape

Or maybe i'll try to think up a few different angles for future campaigns in case this lot hasn't yet enticed you. Stayed tuned!



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