Friday, April 20, 2007

To: Me (1, 10, 20 years on?)

I was catching up with a few of my favourite blogs earlier when I saw an interesting link on Scamp’s blog. It’s for a site called where you can send an e-mail to your future self.

What would I like to say to me in a year’s (or even if I wanted, almost 50 year's) time? Will any of my hopes and goals have been met? Will I forget all about it and get freaked out when I receive a mail from myself that I sent a year ago? I think it’s a definite yes to the last question. But I think I’ll have a little think and send myself and maybe some of my friends something.

Apparently over 393, 000 people have already sent themselves a message through the site and some of the best have been collated for a book which will come out “in the fall”, so Autumn to those of us not in America. The voyeur in me would like to see what other people have written and having read a few of those online I think I will be very touched and amused by what appears in the book. It would also be nice if they let us know whether any of their hopes and dreams have been realised. But since they are anonymous I doubt we'll find out, which is a shame.

But now to decide what to write to myself…



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