Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fashion on the Great Wall

Want something a bit different for your fashion show? Maybe you might think of transforming your venue into something spectacular. Or, maybe if you’re Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld you choose a spectacular venue. One that can be seen from space no less. Yup, that’s where Fendi decided to stage their latest fashion show, on The Great Wall of China.

Guests watched as 88 models walked the 88 metre long runway which was lit up with spotlights, highlighting the World Heritage Site and casting the surrounding countryside in darkness.

A year in the planning and costing around £10 million, the event certainly had a lot to live up to, but Friday’s spectacle definitely looks to have fulfilled expectations. Fashionistas, celebrities and the world’s media flocked to the event (over 500 in total) and sat awestruck through the show.

As the lovely Queen Marie over at Kingdom of Style points out, “The number eight means prosperity in China and this event will go a long way to ensuring the continuing prosperity of the Fendi brand worldwide...”



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