Thursday, November 08, 2007

A world of meat

Another advert today, this time in print. As with yesterday’s ad, there is a cleverness about this campaign and on first glance it looks pretty nice. But then you take a closer look and you realise that it isn’t advertising sweets or icing or something of the like. No, it’s advertising meat.

Now, I’m not a vegetarian and I love my meat, especially the type of meat featured in the Negroni ads, but instead of enticing me to go and buy the meat, this ad makes me shiver. There’s something sweet (quite literally) about scenes made out of candy, but scenes made out of meat? As Tim Seidel on bad banana blog comments, “...who lives in those little houses? Little meat people? A crazed butcher?”

Maybe it’s the fact that many meat eaters, like myself, are actually hypocrites who don’t like to think about the fact that they are really eating an animal, I don’t know. But the scene showing a river of what looks like Parma ham particularly just makes me think of a river of blood – not an image that is going to help me forget what I am actually chomping into used to be alive. It’s enough to turn someone vegetarian.

I do feel a bit sorry for those who worked on the ad however. Clearly a lot of work has gone into it and all in all it’s well done. But whoever thought up this concept is either a hardened meat eater or is just plain crazy.

By all means make an ad that elicits real emotion in your target audience, but I would say that making them feel uneasy and sick won’t help you to sell your product to them...



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